Chapter 1 - The Iron Detective works a freelance job as a body guard for a nightclub singer.

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block

Runtime - 14:44

Not rated

swan lake.jpeg


The story of two swans who fall in love in a place called Swan Lake.

11 a.m. March 24 - International Block II

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block

6 p.m. March 24 - Love and Loss Block

Runtime - 9:33

Not rated



After a few events for a scarecrow, the scarecrow becomes human.

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block
1:30 p.m. March 24 - International Block I

Runtime - 6:30

Not rated

panic attack.jpeg


You know the nagging thoughts that start with "did I leave the coffee on?" and turn in to "am I pregnant with a devil-baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block

8:30 p.m March 24 - Horror/Psychological

Runtime - 3:00

Not rated (includes some adult themes)



It has been years since the people of this town forgot the alphabets of life.
They have no sight, hearing or speech left... but the words are impatiently waiting to be sung again.

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block

11 a.m. March 24 - International Block II

2:30 p.m. March 25 - SciFi/Fantasy Block

Runtime - 5:55

Not rated



Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using single frame photography, 165708 employs in-camera techniques and chemical manipulation of processed film to produce an eidetic study of temporal elasticity. Techniques include flicker, time-lapse, light painting, stop motion, tinting, and toning. Combined with cycles of alternating exposed frames, these methods imbue the work with a rhythmic magnetism, apparent both in the tempo and the aesthetic of the images.
Exploring the capacity of the medium to express various notions of time, the film begins with a woman looking out from the shoreline. This acts as a point of departure to disparate yet interconnected sequences which prompt the viewer to engage in a structurally unique mode of inquiry and experience. A dynamic original score by the acclaimed composer Graham Stewart accompanies the film.

11 a.m. March 24 - International Block II

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block

Runtime - 7:00

Not rated

black enuf.jpeg

black enuf*

A queer oddball seeks approval from black peers despite a serious lack of hip-hop credentials. My quest for a Black Card (undeniable acceptance of my racial identity) takes me from Missouri, to New York, and halfway around the world. The film interweaves stories from my great-grandmother’s autobiography, interviews of family & friends, and my hand-drawn memories. We’re all on a quest for acceptance.

11 a.m. March 24 - Documentary Block

11 a.m. March 24 - Animated Block

6 p.m. March 24 - Kansas/KC Films Block III

Runtime - 22:16

Not rated